Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

“Paradise Lost,” the code of an experiment that happened in the middle of nowhere, never finished. A couple of brawlers, Stelios and Eve, participate in the experiment until Eve is murdered. Stelios walks around in the experiments with Linda, a young kid, kidnapped while doing a trip. In his face, Stelios sees his dead beloved, Eve. Linda reacts. When two unsuspecting girls stop there, Elena and Katerina, to make rafting, Linda finds the chance to escape. Stelios will hit her badly and throw her severely injured in the river. Stelios approached the two women. Elena fights with him while Katerina shows her dissatisfaction. Stelios believes his hope has come true. How she found the replacement of the dead Eve. But the rebellion of Linda, who has managed to survive, will not be late …

Actors: Paschalis Tsarouchas, Christina Kontza, Katerina Moutsatsou, Noni Dounia, Alexandros Pontikakis, Takis Vamkakidis, Efi Dementi, Maria Boura, Elina Vrachnou, Giorgos Dimitriadis

Screenplay: Alexandros Kakavas
Direction: Thanasis Antoniou

The film was filmed in the prefecture of Evrytania
Production Year: 2000



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3 May 2017